Our business manufactures medical alert products EG100, EG300, EG201 and EG88 for Senior People security. On top of our products, our company is solicited to design Integrated Solutions of Alerts and Communications.

The Applications GIANT-CARE manage the following services :

  • Alert Notifier
  • Telephony Apps
  • Network Connectivity

The Platform PRODOCEAN is the State of the Arts communication solution for your community.

In 2020, Giant Electronics will market its 3 new alert products, to respond to actual the Senior market needs and to position itself as The Leader, with its new technologies, answering the growing demand for mobile security of any group of People and Professions such as School, Retail Stores, Public Services, Industries or any Social Community Group in needs for additional links based on common Interests !

Martin Dumas (President of Giant Electronics Inc.)

# Telephone : 877-333-8934
Email : servicegiant@giantelectronics.com





*** Giant Electronics works with companies with new projects and to migrate towards Giant-Care solution is a must !

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